The Secret to Reducing Hot Flushes & Stress & Anxiety in the Menopause with Charlotte Hunter.

Join me for a webinar on 1st November at 6:30 pm to unravel the mystery of hot flushes.


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Are hot flushes ruining your life? Are you worried about getting them? Have you tried everything?

As the most common symptom of menopause, hot flushes can range from a minor inconvenience to utterly debilitating, leaving women feeling like they're trapped in a sauna! Unfortunately, hot flushes can still surprise you even if you're already on hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

 If hot flushes are getting you down, don’t worry because we'll dive into the 'why' behind these fiery episodes and, more importantly, uncover 'how' to manage them. We'll also discuss the lesser-known links between stress, anxiety, and hot flushes.

 Whilst we may not have all the answers to this menopausal puzzle, some simple yet effective nutritional strategies can help you regain control over your body to feel your best.


About Charlotte Hunter

Charlotte has practised as a nutritionist since 2010, focusing predominantly on women's health. Recently, her passion has centred on the metabolic implications of menopause, particularly in premature, surgical, and complex cases. After personally experiencing surgical menopause in 2019, she founded a Menopause Nutrition business to empower women with food-based solutions.  

 Charlotte leads a team of dedicated nutritional therapists in her busy practice, engaging with clients in group settings and one-on-one consultations. Charlotte’s mission is to guide women through the twists, turns, and loop-the-loops of menopause. With the help of evidence-based nutrition and personalised support, she’s committed to helping women thrive through menopause by empowering them with practical solutions.