Top-Rated Natural Anxiety Supplements: One-Stop Guide

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently stated that there has been a 25% increase in anxiety-related symptoms worldwide since the pandemic, a sign of an increase in generalized anxiety disorder among many people worldwide.

Without question, it's a significant increase. Because of this, people across the UK are searching for top-rated natural anxiety relief supplements. However, what are they, and how can you find them?

First, you need to understand what natural products are good for anxiety relief. Let us walk you through some of what we've learned about treating anxiety.

What natural products are good for anxiety?

In the UK alone, there are 67.22 million residents. According to Mental Health UK, over 8 million of these people are experiencing symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder.

Because of its prominence within our society, there are many different methods of treating this, including therapy. However, a treatment that doesn't get enough credit is the multitude of natural products available for treating anxiety disorders.

Below, we'll be detailing the top five best natural products scientifically backed to help treat anxiety and panic disorder.

Lemon Balm

Melissa Officinalis, or lemon balm, is a perennial herbaceous plant from the mint family and is commonly grown in south-central Europe.

When consuming lemon balm, either raw or with tea, it's proven to improve anxiety symptoms and sleep quality.

In 2013, scientists put this to the test. In Shahid Motahari Burn Hospital, they gave patients lemon balm tea and recorded the results.

Once the data was reviewed in 2016, it showcased that lemon balm can help decrease anxiety and improve sleep quality for patients submitted to the burn hospital.


Unlike the herb of lemon balm, lavender is related to the 47 known species of flowering plants in the mint family. Lavender is the more well-known brother and is commonly remembered for its sweet floral scent.

This mint-based flower can get utilised in many ways to help treat anxiety. The primary two are aromatherapy and the enhancement benefits it offers with anxiety-related medication.

In 2017, an exciting study unfolded to back these statements. By providing lavender aromatherapy to patients before surgery, it got reported that those that received this had lower anxiety levels than those who didn't.


Chamomile or commonly referred to as daisy, dates back years in ancient medical writing. The medicinal herb was strongly used in Italy, Egypt, and Greece for multiple treatments.

In today's world, it's used slightly different. Primarily it's used to help those with anxiety, gastrointestinal conditions, and sleep deprivation.

Sleep deprivation and anxiety are related to mental and behavioural disorders (GAD or Generalised Anxiety Disorder). Therefore, making Chamomile one of the best natural ways to calm your anxiety.

Over the years, this has been proven in multiple studies. In 2016, two studies demonstrated these statements excellently.

The first treated patients with 1,500 mg Chamomile extract for eight weeks showed a decrease in GAD symptoms. To back this further and to eliminate the placebo effect, a second test was created with the same doses and placebos, showing identical results.

Rhodiola Rosea

In the high-altitude areas of Asia and Europe, the Rhodiola Rosea grows. For many years, its been a traditional medicine for colder regions like Scandinavian because of its natural properties. The benefits of taking Rhodiola Rosea are astronomical, ranging from:

  • Stress relief
  • Physical and mental performance
  • Improved depression and anxiety symptoms
  • To reduce the chances of stress-induced eating disorders

Most of these fit under the category of GAD symptoms. Therefore, making it another excellent natural way to calm your anxiety.

Rhodiola Rosea is an effective adaptogen. Consuming adaptogens can help with anxiety-related problems like stress, which got proven in this study.


Surprisingly for many, Passionflower comes from the passion fruit family. The flower has been used since the 16th century for medicinal purposes and is still a prominent treatment option.
Many researchers worldwide believe supplementing with Passionflower can help treat mental health diseases like anxiety and insomnia.

The reason behind this is that it might increase the levels of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), which is a chemical used to help regulate somebodies mood.

After reading the above, you should comprehensively understand what natural products are good for anxiety.

The only problem with this is that there are a few, and purchasing each can be remarkably expensive. Therefore, the most effective way to achieve this is by buying supplements that formulate these products together.

Top-Rated Natural Anxiety Supplements: One-Stop Guide

There are thousands of different options in the supplement world, ranging from single or mixed formulas.

The British spend £500 million annually on thousands of available supplements. However, many consumers miscomprehend what the top-rated natural anxiety supplements really are.

Many suppliers offer a range of supplements that complement one another, forcing you to purchase more. But what about a comprehensive anxiety support formula that's proven to help reduce this mental health issue?

If you're searching for this, let us introduce you to the UK's first all-in-one stress supplement, our Nu Mind Wellness collection CLICK HERE.

Currently, there are two options available in the collection: Stress Support Formula and Stress Support Formula + Probiotic Blend.

These are the most comprehensive anxiety support formulas, as each has 23 scientifically backed ingredients that strengthen the body and mind. To name a few, these are:

• Chamomile
• Passionflower
• Lavender
• Lemon Balm
• Rhodiola Rosea
• Magnesium (as magnesium glycinate)
• Vitamin B complex • Zinc
• Iron
• Vitamin C

From being science-backed and formulated by experts, we've unlocked a single solution that reduces anxiety symptoms significantly.

The benefits received from these supplements are unbelievable, including:

  • Reduce feelings of stress and anxiety
  • Improved sleep quality and duration
  • Enhanced mental clarity and focus
  • A boost in overall wellbeing

However, that isn't all. Combining each of these top-rated natural anxiety supplements and merging them saves you a ton of money.

To get on board with the UK's first vegan all-in-one stress supplement, check out our store today and begin to obtain the benefits.

Still not sure?

We can connect you with an appropriate mental health specialist to see if our supplements are right for you.

We understand that supplements have a lot of questions around them. For this reason, we have aimed to provide a complete service package by providing supplements and free consultations.

To solidify your decision with our product, we can organise a free-of-charge consultation (Click here) with an NHS-registered doctor who can professionally advise the usage of our supplements based on your medical records.

Now you know this, let's spread the word together so we can achieve the mindfulness we rightfully deserve.

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