My Top 5 Tips to Thrive in the Menopause

Charlotte Hunter


"We've taken a 360-degree approach to women's health so you can say goodbye to stress, anxiety, restless nights, energy slumps, sluggish metabolism and dull skin.”

Here's 5 reasons a Birthdate Candle makes the perfect gift:


A candle that's all about the recipient

A special day deserves a special gift. That's why each Birthdate Candle is uniquely crafted by zodiac sign and date of birth.

Rianne C.

Reading all the details was like reading a horoscope or natal chart, and it truly resonates with who I am. These candles are a PERFECT gift for yourself or a loved one.

A fragrance that's uniquely crafted

This isn't a generic one-scent-fits-all candle. Each candle gets a uniquely developed fragrance based on the recipient's birthday.

Christopher P.

My friend is one of those friends that's so hard to find a gift for and very particular about the types of scents and she said that this was the PERFECT scent!



Beautifully created with quality materials

Our candles are hand poured in the USA with a high-quality, all-natural blend of soy and coconut wax, that lasts between 60-80 hours.

Holly R.

I appreciate that it's made from a coconut and soy wax blend as I don't burn "regular" wax candles anymore for health reasons.

A candle that stays a treasured keepsake

Even after the candle has burned, the premium glass candle holder can be used as a vase, a container or to display as a beautiful keepsake on a shelf or table.

Maria E.

I bought this candle for my daughter's 21st birthday. She intends to keep the jar afterwards to put her makeup brushes in it.



Your loved one will feel cherished

The Birthdate Candle is fully personalized, from its rich aroma to its detailed description of the recipient's qualities and personality. This isn't your typical gift and is sure to delight your loved one unlike anything else.

Annett C.

This was a Christmas gift for my friend. Four months have passed and my friend let me know she is using the last bit of it, how much she enjoyed it, and thanked me again.

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