Welcome to Nu Points!

Refer Friends

Earn 1000 Nu Points
for every friend you refer.

Earn Nu Points

Earn Nu Points for each
order, sharing/liking on Facebook & more.

Redeem rewards

Use rewards to save money
on future subscription orders!

How do I earn points?

What can I spend points on?

Time to start earning Nu Points?

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How to access the Nu Points program

1 Head to the website & sign into your account
*if you have purchased but not made an account, click create an account and use the same email.

2 Click rewards

3 Complete all of the ‘ways to earn’

4 Start referring friends

5 Earn rewards!

Refer a friend, giving them an extra 20% off their subscription. Earn 1000 points yourself!

1 Head to the website & sign in to your account

2 Share your link via What’s app, email or Facebook

3 When your friend uses your link to make a purchase, you get 1000 Nu Points.

4 They get an extra 20% off their subscription. Which is a total of 36% off!

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I have been sent a referral link – how do I use it?

1 Click on the referral link

2 Input your email address into the pop-up

3 Use the 20% off subscription code sent to your email at check out on any subscription item.

4 Unlock massive savings!

How do I use my points to save money on my subscription?

1 Head to the website & sign in to your account

2 Click on rewards

3 Click on ways to redeem

4 Redeem the reward you have enough points to purchase

5 Copy your code, click discount a subscription & add your code in to your existing subscription

6 Unlock massive savings!

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