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Introduction to Paul Sheppard
(Coach, Therapist & Hypnotherapist)

Over the last 25 years, I have helped thousands of individuals break free from their anxiety. Listen to my story in the video below.

Introduction to Paul Sheppard
(Coach, Therapist & Hypnotherapist)

Over the last 25 years, I have helped thousands of individuals break free from their anxiety. Listen to my story in the video below.

If these sound like you, we can help:

  • I'm constantly thinking about my anxiety and avoiding triggering situations.
  • I struggle to get to sleep with constant racing anxious thoughts.
  • I always feel tired and drained of energy.
  • I feel demotivated to do anything and my negative thoughts are spiralling out of control.


6 powerful weeks to anxiety freedom

Week 1

Reduce Anxiety when it arises

This week’s video is all about the body. I start by explaining the difference between the two main nervous systems of the body. Then we practise together a basic relaxing breathing pattern. Next, we go through what is meant by the ‘physiological sigh’: the breathing technique you can use to bring your system quickly back to normal during an anxious episode. I end the video by showing you what Mind-Balance technique is and how you can do it very simply yourself.

Week 2

Anxiety is not the enemy.

In this video, I give you a new perspective on anxiety, and how useful it actually is. I talk about our ancestors’ need for anxiety, and what happens to our brains during panic. Then I look at why anxious thoughts bubble to the surface of our consciousness, and what that signifies. This is a novel idea for most people, who see anxiety as a problem rather than a message and something to be fought against instead of listened to.

Week 3

Let go of negative thoughts

In this video, we think about thinking. I begin with the tricky concept that thoughts aren’t real. This can be difficult to grasp at first, but it allows us to pick and choose which thoughts we believe, and which we don’t. I get you to stop for a minute and observe your own thinking, practising mindfulness. Finally, I discuss the importance of staying in the present moment, where no harm can come to you.



Week 4

Powerful tips to reduce panic

This video brings together the ideas we’ve looked at so far. First, I go through the Wave model, a three-stage process of anxiety and other negative reactions that can occur at any time. But then I explain how the wave model can be interrupted by using the ABC technique of accepting the feelings, breathing, and choosing. This powerful technique allows you to be kind to yourself, to calm down your body and to bring your rational mind back online so you don’t continue to let the waves of panic and shame wash over you.
Week 5: How to avoid self sabotage

Week 5

How to avoid self sabotage

The subject for this video is self-sabotage. Despite wanting to be anxiety-free, it is natural for us to have some resistance to the idea of letting go of anxiety. To move forwards, we have to be honest with ourselves and see what we will have to give up. I discuss the common signs of self-sabotage, and share my own story with it. Then I use the ABC technique to work through the resistance in giving up anxiety, and look at the tough choices that we all need to make.

Week 6

Mind, body, heart & Purpose

This week, I’m looking at your lifestyle, and what is behind the message of anxiety. Firstly, I talk about the importance of living a life that nourishes and fulfils us. Then, I look in more detail at the four areas of lifestyle - our mind, body, heart and purpose - and what elements they are made of. I give an example of someone ignoring these areas, countered by an example of someone consciously feeding them. My aim is to inspire you to do the same!

Customer testimonials

"I was sceptical at first. I’ve tried everything to help my anxiety, and nothing worked. I was feeling helpless and tired. The 6 weeks of learning have been hugely helpful, especially the ABC technique. I wish I’d found this earlier. Thank you Paul!"


"This course has been incredible. As Paul said, I’ve changed my relationship with anxiety. I’ve gone from constant panic attacks and stress to finally being able to live a normal life. The meditations have been incredible and part of my daily routine."


"I have been using the supplements for over a year and am very excited the course is available. This really works. I have been listening to the meditations every day when I wake up to help with my morning anxiety. Highly recommend it to anyone struggling."


What do you get with the course?

  • 6 weeks of expert coaching from one of the UK's leading anxiety coaches.
  • Join a community of like-minded individuals - share experiences, gain insights and receive guidance.
  • Track your anxiety: check-in via the app daily to monitor and better understand your anxiety.
  • Monthly Q&A session with Paul as well as bonus content & regular content drops.


Anxiety Freedom Course

  • 6 Weeks of lessons with Paul
  • 14 Supplementary meditations
  • 21 Self-reflection questions
  • Join a community of like-minded individuals
  • Track your anxiety & make life-changing progress
  • BONUS: Monthly Q&A sessions
  • BONUS: Regular monthly content drops


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