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Stress & Mild Anxiety Support - NO IRON

Stress & Mild Anxiety Support - NO IRON

150 capsules – 30 Days Supply

Our award-winning all-in-one formula combines 23 scientifically backed ingredients to comprehensively support the anxious body and mind. One daily sachet delivers 5 powerful formulas – a multivitamin, minerals, adaptogens, flower remedies and more – working together to help you reclaim your calm.

  • Reduce feelings of stress and anxiety
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Reduce tiredness and fatigue
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Fast-track to calm, the natural way.

Benefits of daily use

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Reduce stress and anxiety

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Improve sleep quality 

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Enhance mental clarity & focus

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Boost immune system

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Reduce tiredness and fatigue

What’s inside?

Click the capsule to discover its benefits

What’s inside?

Click the capsule to discover its benefits

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Recommended by top Nutritionists & Mental Health experts

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Contains my absolute
essentials for successful living.

Paul Sheppard

Mindset Coach and host of the Mindset Change podcast

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Nu Mind Wellness is a unique supplement for modern living and, without doubt, the best product on the market!

Charlotte Hunter

Registered Nutritionist & Menopause Specialist

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I love recommending Nu Mind for my clients and friends. Nu mind is the best product of its kind I have ever come across. Nu mind is an absolute game changer.


Registered Nutritionist & Menopause Specialist

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Nu Mind Stress Support is a unique blend of nutrients offering a boost for both physical and mental resilience – a must in today’s world.

Lisa Smith

BANT registered Nutritionist

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I'm often asked what my 'go-to' supplement for burnout prevention and stress resilience is. I reply without hesitation Nu Mind Wellness.

Rachel Philpotts

Registered Nutritionist & Mood Expert

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I love how NuMind is a blend of all the necessary vitamins and minerals needed for mental health, and now they also incorporate probiotics because they recognise the role of the gut-brain axis in mental health.

Dana Chapman

Registered Nutritionist - mBANT, mCNHC

Testimonial image

Nu Mind contains everything I need for a client. I no longer have to recommend 5 separate products!

Fiona Morse

Registered Nutritionist & Menopause Specialist

Why is Nu Mind Different?

Nu Mind

All-in-one Supplement
1 daily sachet
Scientifically formulated
Highest quality ingredients
100% paper packaging

£39.99 per month

Other Vitamin brands

5 different products
Cupboard full of supplements
Low dosages
Cheap ingredients
Plastic bottles

£117.16 per month

“We wanted to create the very best formula to help those busy individuals living a stressful life. Which is why we included 23 science backed ingredients to help you manage stress and recover from symptoms of anxiety.”

Shona Wilkinson


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Extraordinary impact, unbeatable value

Our all-in-one formula with 23 ingredients bought separately would cost you over £117.16, saving you over £77.17.

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Anything we haven’t answered, chat with us!

How does my subscription work?

Your product will be sent every month on the same date you started. You will have a 20% off discount on every order, plus free shipping. You can pause, swap or cancel your subscription at any time by creating an account.

Is shipping free on all orders?

Free shipping is available on all UK orders, both subscription and one time purchase.

I already take a supplement, what should i do?

I would recommend looking at the ingredients on your current supplement and seeing if they are the same as the Nu Mind formula. We have included the best form of every ingredient, for example make sure you avoid taking Magnesium Citrate/oxide as it is used by doctors as laxatives. Instead opt for Glycinate or Threonate.

Do i have to take all 5 capsules at once?

No definitely not, there is no strict order to take the capsules in. If you can take them all after breakfast that is great. Otherwise, I would opt to take the 2 Magnesium Glycinate after dinner to help improve sleep quality.

£49.99 sounds quite expensive?

£49.99 can be reduced to £39.99 by subscribing each month. Another factor is we have included 5 different supplements in our all-in-one. If you were to purchase each supplement separately, your bill would be £117+. So purchasing from Nu Mind is actually saving you money in the long term!